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Windows Version Needed for G750jm Clean Install on SSD?

Hi, i know for some people this may sound stupid, but i need to know what Windows versión im running, i know its a Windows 8.1 versión 6.3 (9600).Know the think is that i have installed a SSD and i want to do a clean install of Windows, and i have re...

Urb4n by Level 7
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Reverting G750 JS back to W7

Been reading all that was here (thanks for your efforts) before replacing a G73 with the new JS but it seems the issues come down to luck of the draw so I decided pull the trigger with the option of returning it to Amazon if I'm not one of the lucky ...

Pivotas by Level 7
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G75 Wont sleep when lid is closed and mouse is moved???

So my g75 is set to sleep when I close the lid. It does, but if I have a wired or wireless mouse attached and more it, the laptop will wake up and sit at my logon screen. How do I fix this so this dosnt happen? For the 3rd time now I went to pack my ...

[g55vw] Touchpad continuously scrolling in games

If I am in a game and use 2 fingers to scroll in a game the scrolling action will not stop. say if i am in a menu that wraps the scroll action will continuously go through the menu very fast and never stop. Any ideas?-just realized i posted this in t...

the_dmx by Level 7
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custommodeapp working on a G750 and windows 8.1 ? ? ?

Has anyone had any luck getting a custom resolution to work with the custommodeapp on a G750 running windows 8.1? I tried poking around the registry to no avail. I would like to run 4k downsampling natively with the intel drivers. Any ideas?

Folding @ Home not working??

Hey guysWanted to use my G750 JX in its down time for folding at home, installed it, but it refuses to work??Program loads ok, but it will not move from the Amber circle when the WEB CONTROL page is showing , doesnt fold at all?I've tried setting it ...