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One Really Pissed Off Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I have a G750 was working fine with Win 8.0 So I decided to do the auto update to Win 8.1. Did the update now the bios does not recognize my DVD player and the bios does not save settings to do a restore from my thumb drive. WTF is this all about....

hozer by Level 7
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G56JR - TPM/Bitlocker?

Does the g56JR have a TPM chip installed? I can't find a definitive yes or no mentioned anywhere. Im assuming not but want to make sure.Im looking to use Bitlocker but its a no-go without that as i really dont want to need a USB stick for every boo...

what is the usual gpu temp of g750js while gaming?

i just bought a g750js-rs71. Gpu temp reached 85-88c while playing Assassin's creed 4. i also own a g75vw and played the same game with it and the gpu temp only went up to 65-70c. are the new g750js normally run that hot or i just got a bad apple? an...

braxxx by Level 7
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Glossy Display Option Available for G750 Line?

I have been looking all over and I have had a difficult time trying finding out how to order a g750 JM with a Glossy Glare display instead of a matte for the Asus G750 JM. Surely the option to choose between the two is available ?

G75VW Repeated SSHD failures

I have a G75VW purchased from the Windows Store over a year ago. A few months after I got it, it stopped booting into Windows, instead asking for bootable media. RMA --> new seagate 1tb SSHD --> working perfectly. Shortly after a year, the same thing...

Recently purchased g75vw

I recently purchased a g75VW. My hard drive crashed and I had to have another one installed. I could not do it myself so I had to have a trustworthy shop by me do the install. Now Im looking to really set this laptop up the right way, so I was hoping...

Browzer by Level 7
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worry about Heat the screen

hello everyone. i have an asus g750 jh (3d edition)laptop.I feel that the laptop screen is a bit hot., And when I touch the screen to feel the heat., Is this normal? normal Temperature for my lcd of laptop How many degrees?thanks

Problem w/G750JX SSD Upgrade!

So I just installed my SSD and used the migration software that came with it I did a fresh install of windows 8 and the problem I am having is that I switched the hdd and the ssd so the ssd is now in the primary spot. But any time I boot up with the ...

Lurkin by Level 7
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