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Battery not Charging, G750JM

Level 7

2 days ago I was using the laptop connected to the power supply but i got a bad connection on the wall out let which i didnt noticed until I got the low battery warning. after that I shut down the laptop and left it to charge, before it could get a full charge the wall outlet gave me another bad connection and I never came back to check.

Today when I tried to use the laptop on battery it just want dead, realised that the battery is not charging anymore, I did remove the battery and put it back on, left it the laptop off for 4h and did got any % of charge on the battery.

Its a brand new laptop, is there any procedure that I could do to try to get my battery back to work? the laptop top tells me that its charging but the battery level never comes out of 0%, also it doesnt give me any error. THe LED on the front shows amber and when the laptop is off it flashes amber.

Ps.: I but the laptop in the US and brought it to Brazil, there is no way I can get the warranty to relace the battery.

THanks much

Level 7
Just use a proper powerful alternative Power Socket on the wall, don't use the one which is giving you problems. Try other sockets, this way you will knowhich one is better and which isn't, let us know how it works out, the battery can't be dead just yet, if you give it enough power it will definitely wake up and charge itself from the alternative different power sockets which is not bad. You can call in the electricity techs to check the wall sockets for you and let them fix it or let you know which one you can use at your place which can handle this much power, for details of exact power needs you can show them the back of your charger the big brick it has all the details they want.
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Please use search in the forums, there might be alot of threads which have similar answers to what you are looking for!

Level 7
Tried it already, everything seems good with the power supply, but the laptop refuses to charge. =[

Any more ideas?


Level 7
is there any diagnostic tool that I can use to identify the problem thru the computer?

Do you want to sell it? Reply to