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bad performance g53/low fps on mw2

Level 7
Hi there,

I have an asus g53sw, the one with the gtx460m. I have been a bit disappointed with the performance of the laptop. I looked at the fps that I get in games and maybe you could tell me whether thats what I should be getting or not.
Ive got the newest nvidia driver, windows 7 is updated, not much running in the background and throttlestop running when im gaming. So my first question, do I still need throttlestop or has that issue been solved? It doesnt seem to have any effect.
Temps i get after many hours of gaming: gpu stable at 75C and cpu at 90C.
Settings were all on highest and res 1920x1080,vsyng is off:
Mafia2: 25fps
MW3: 45fps
MW2: 25fps
MW: 27fps
Cod2: 28fps
Assassins creed 2: 50fps

Because the mw series has such lame graphics i thought i should be getting 90fps or something crazy. What bothers me the most is the 25fps on mw2. I used to play that on my old laptop (8600m gt) without a problem, and now on this one its so laggy. Also its so much better than mw3, so thats my favourite game and i cant play it 😕
Also cod2 is such an old game, it should run at much higher fps shouldnt it?
Although mafia runs under 30fps, it runs really smooth and before looking at the fps, I didnt think there was a problem.
Last question, I have a 60hz screen, so should the fps with Vsync on be at 60 or 30?

Thx for your help 🙂

Level 10
Try running ThrottleStop with the log file option while gaming. It will provide you with an accurate record of what your CPU is doing. Email it to the guy in the About... box of ThrottleStop if you want me to have a look at it.

If you are running your CPU at 90C, that doesn't give you much headroom before you might trigger some throttling scheme. If you haven't cleaned your laptop out recently, that might help.

Edit: Also show me a screen shot of how you have ThrottleStop set up.

On more demanding games you will have to tweak the high settings in order to get a playable 30+ fps. Modern Warfare should result in better FPS. Turn of anti aliasing and see if your performance rises. Also,1080p is a great feature for a gaming laptop but is very demanding. Try playing in 1280 x 720. I have a GTX560 3gb which is similar to the 460m and after hours of play time I've never seen my temps go above 62C and that was because the AC wasn't on in the house. Also, playing on battery will result in a micro stuttering effect on almost any game. Make sure you're running High Performance mode as well. Hope this helps, good day.

Level 7
Hi thx for your help so far.
I have actually no idea how throttlestop works. I just read somewhere that it helps so all i do is start the .exe. I havent changed any of the settings. What is that program actually doing?

Ive only had my laptop for 3 months now, and half of that time it was with asus getting a new gpu (it broke after 3 weeks -.-), so I dont think cleaning is an issue.
Is 90C really that high for a cpu? How is that even possible, you pay so much for a gaming laptop with 2 massive cooling fans and it doesnt even work well..
When playing in 720p it runs a lot smoother, and I actually couldnt see any difference on the game graphics between 720p and 1080p. Is there a noticeable difference in graphics details?

The main part of my thread was however, that i find it weird that i get around 45fps when playing mw3 and very low fps on older games like mw2 and cod2 (all the games are played on 1080p and everything on high). I will try to get some log files for my gpu and cpu to see whats happening.

Btw what temps do you get on a g53 when you play? And how many fps do you get on mw3 on Full HD?

Level 7
Ok so i run some quick tests.
Regarding the temperature, I was looking at the max temp tab in throttlestop, which obviously reads 90C (whenever load goes to 100%, the temp jumps up to 90C from 1 sec to another). When looking at the actual temperature in the log, it stays around 75-80C. However, there was a rising trend in that temp, so I will have to see if it actually hits 90 when I play for longer periods.

So I compared mw2 and mw3, both have the same graphics engine (as far as i know?) and settings were all on high, and res 1920x1080.
Playing mw3 i get
55-60 fps (had vsync on, so I dont know if it actually went higher)
gpu is on 98% load and hits 77C as a max
cpu is around 20% load and hits 78C

Playing mw2 i get
25fps (if i look at the sky it goes to 60,again vsync on)
gpu is also at 98% load and same temperature as before
cpu is under 10% load and also cooler

So are my low fps on mw2 because the cpu is not working enough? How can I change that?
Does the 98% load on the gpu on such a lame game signify that I probably cant play new games on full graphics? 😞

I will make some more comparisons tmrw with some other games