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Bad cooling management

Level 7
I played several latest games and i noticed that the speed of the gpu fan depend on the cpu temperature. For example, if the cpu temp is 50c, then the gpu fan speed is lower compare to cpu temp at 70c. This difference is apparent especially when i played Evolve. At average, the cpu remain 60ish while the gpu is almost 90c!. When i put my hand behind the gpu vent, i noticed there is a very slow movement of air. The gpu fan has no problem though as i tested with the full option turned on in the asus gpu tweak. The way the gpu fan handle its its cooling is very dangerous because your gpu card can be damaged from it. I guess we need to manually adjust both fan speed. Thanks asus. :mad:

Level 9
Undust it and repaste! And you will see the difference!
Asus G74SX> Asus G55VW 3D> Asus G75VW 3D> Asus G750JW> Asus G750JX> Asus G750JH