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Backlight Bleed G750JX G750JW G750JH

Level 7
I used to have Asus G750jw.
Love the laptop but there was one really annoying issue with it.
Every time i watch movie or go to my desktop or even dark game with low light i can see that my screen is bleeding on the right side and bottom..
I was trying to ignore it but believe me it gets really frustrating...
I contacted seller and told him about problem... Two weeks later he send me the replacement and it has exactly the same issue..
I got really mad and disappointed and asked for my money back..
Wasted one month of my time and money for shipping two times...

I already post here before and one guy told me that i should purchase one from local store (Best Buy)
I have 3 Best Buys around me and they all 1h + drive from me.
One week ago i took a day off and visit 3 of them one in Findlay Ohio second is in Toledo Ohio and third one were in Perrysburg Ohio.But this time i were looking at G750JX Model...You can not believe me but all of them has backlight bleeding on the right side of the screen...
I got really disappointed because i do really like the laptop and i don't want to buy any other brand ...
There is one thing they all were DB71 model and one guy at best buy told me that model DB71 very common to have backlight bleed and he also told me that TB71 model does not have this issue..
Anyways after that i come back home and start searching for TB71 model and i found this one:
Few days ago i finally decide to purchase Laptop and its suppose to be here tomorrow.
I do really hope it wont have the same issue on this model but i will let you know after it get here tomorrow.

For chose who don't know what i am talking about here is a video of the issue (My first G750JW) :

If you have same problem leave me a comment and tell me your story
Thank you

Just got my 4th ASUS G750JX today and it bleeds too :(((

Should i go for the 5th ? nah just kidding!No more!

Status Under Review
My screen's weird, too. The bottom right corner along the right side of the bezel bleeds some light. But the most bizarre thing is the bottom half of my screen has a blue/purple tint to it, but the upper half is black.

Its about 4-5h left for laptop to get there and i do really hope it wont have the same issue..
will let you know later
Thank you

Darnassus wrote:
My screen's weird, too. The bottom right corner along the right side of the bezel bleeds some light. But the most bizarre thing is the bottom half of my screen has a blue/purple tint to it, but the upper half is black.

How long u have it?what solution do you think might be for for this?

Level 7
I just got mine brand new Asus G750jx TB71 and unfortunately guys screen is bleeding ...Not that much like my JW did but it's still have a little backlight bleed on the right side of the screen...
Looks like they all bleed...
This is my 3d G750...
Really unfortunate but there is nothing i can do about that 😞 or i do?
Thank you

Level 7
To show you my brand, new just received G750JX (like few hours old :)), this is only visible when looking from top (you won't ever look from that angle) on a black screen in a dark room with full screen brightness as shown below, It doesn't bother me really, I actually think this is normal now, and it is barely noticeable in regular use (like I don't see it actually at all) I guess all those laptops have it and I still love my Asus!
... this white dot on the screen is a mouse pointer

What model do u have TB or DB?
Well see we are totally different people,for you its okay when for me its a problem..
I like plain black wallpaper or dark wallpaper,when i watch movie in dark scenes i can always see it ,same about games any dark room or horror game its always gonna be there staring at you.Just like this annoying check engine light in my car,do not effect how my car drives but its always there watching me...
I wish we have solution for this ...
Anyways thank you

Level 7
My model is G750JX T4191 and I noticed that this is probably because of the way frame holds the screen, if I push a little on the frame I see less light in that place but more in surrounding, this is I believe manufacturing process, the frame doesn't hold everywhere exactly the same, this is hardware, we wont fix that in other ways than by physical manipulation and that would probably mean replacing the screen or something.

Yea i would like to replace screen for mine 2 days old G750JX 🙂

Level 7
Could you please post the manufacturer and model of the LCD? You can find that info with programs such as HWiNFO[1].