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Audio volume on G701 - Can barely hear it over the fans.

Level 7
I have a brand new G701. The audio is really quiet compared to any other laptop I have used recently, including a surface book and mac book pro. Heck my S7 phone is much louder then this machine. When I play a game the fan noise makes hearing the sound almost impossible unless i use headphones.

Anyone know how to bump this up?

Level 7
Hello unity3dmarks
Do you mean that the laptop speaker is not loud enough even though you are at max volume level?
Thank you

Yes exactly. I have to G701vik and although I'm on 100% volume of loud speakers it is really really quiet compared to my G751jy when they are side by side. Also the sound chip heats up like hell when listening to music thru loud speakers and not thru headphones. My friend also has brand new G701vik and the same problems. What gives?

I exactly have the same issue with my g701 vi - ba011t

volume is weak when 100% on windows + Realtek, i must use earphones to listen videos correctly....

i think i figured it out. open start menu and go to realtek hd audio manager, sound effects and enable loudness EQ and equalizer select - powerful. should help alot

Anyone fixed that issue? Any tip to increase the volume?

It is really poor like my ex ex ex clevo m571.