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Audio Popping While On Battery - G73sw

Level 7
I have a G73sw. While running on battery and playing music there is slight crackling.
It is only while playing music (as in, it does not crackle when it would be otherwise quiet, which is nice), and only while on battery. The sound is akin to that of a fireplace or something. It is not totally incessant and not horribly loud, but I use this laptop in my studio and any audio problems are unacceptable. I have had this laptop for 3 or 4 months now, and I don't really remember noticing it until recently, and I haven't made any notable installations or changes to the PC that I can remember in that time.

When I run it on AC power it's just fine, but there are situations where I just cannot run it on AC. I have looked over other threads about this sort of issue and they all seem to be describing things either much more obnoxious and constant than what i'm dealing with, or they only occur while on AC power.

Is there any possible solution other than "keep it plugged in"?

As a sidenote I have been looking for an excuse to ditch the existing "realtek audio manager" junk. However, I am concerned that I will lose audio functionality by doing that, or that I will have to install some other software to get audio output. As I said I use this for my studio, so any downtime would be undesirable.
If there are other options for audio management (particularly ones with a more professional interface and none of that "SRS Wow" crap or any compression or processing that I cannot control) I would be very interested in experimenting with them.

Level 10
Take a look at THIS SITE and let us know if this guide fixed your problem 🙂
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205

Level 7
This did not fix my problem. Of the various issues described on that site, none were what I am dealing with. Those issues were either while on AC power, or while the sound card is inactive. My audio pops when it is playing music while unplugged.

As I said, it cracks and pops almost like a fireplace. Only when it is on internal battery power, and only when it is actively playing music.

In addition, I would like to get rid of the Realtek HD Audio Manager. I have noticed that the audio output sounds compressed and just generally junky when I play it over my high fidelity (and high volume) system. I can "end process" on the Realtek program and it sounds worlds better; however the system will easily get confused and play audio over the speakers even if an 1/8" is plugged in.
So, it seems apparent that I do need some type of audio manager (so that I don't have the issue where the speakers keep playing even when an 1/8" external device is plugged back in), but I need it to not color and compress the audio output like the Realtek HD does.

Level 7
Is this an issue that no one else has?

Audio popping, only while playing music while on internal battery power.

This always seems to be the case for me. I have none of the issues everyone has, and all of the issues no one has...

Level 12
Given that it only happens while on battery power, the most probable explanation would be that the battery is defective. At 3-4 months in you should not have any difficulties setting up an RMA for the battery. I would definitely try that first, and if that does not resolve the problem then you would need to RMA the unit as the issue would be more serious.

If you have any difficulties with the RMA process, feel free to email or PM me, I'll see what I can do to get things rolling.

Level 9
I notice the same on my own G73SW. It started happening when I got it back from RMA (they changed the GPU), but concerning Scott's post, I don't really think it has to do with the battery since I can still pull 3 hours with light usage out of it. I always use my PC on AC power so it's not a big issue to me.