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ATTENTION: G73/G74/53SW/SX Owners - CPU Throttling to 798mhz and how to fix it

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EDIT: This affects ALL G Series owners that have a sandybridge cpu(G73SW/G74SX/G53SW/G53SX), there is NO exceptions until Asus releases an update, not all games will cause cpu throttling, but so far I am comfirming more and more games that induce it.

EDIT 2: There is also a more permanent fix now as well, but its Unofficial and requires you to flash your bios. CLICK HERE to find out more,

I initially noticed this when I first got my G73SW-XA1 back in mid march, 2011. but didn't think anything of it until a poster had brought this up as some HP owners noticed that their Envy 17 SB is doing this to them. Edit: Which HP fixed their throttling problem on May 29th, 2011.

Problem is when running Prime95 the CPU stays turbo boosted at 2.3 to 2.6ghz. However, once Furmark is started at the same time, the CPU drops instantly to 798mhz. This now also can be noticed in GTA4,SC2,L4D2,WoW and anything that will put high loads on CPU + GPU at the same time. It does NOT just happen during synthetic test.


So how to fix it? Well so far it seems running ThrottleStop in monitor only mode stops any, and all throttling. You do not have to mess with any settings, simply extract and run the exe for it to work. If you would like to have it run on bootup, simply create a shortcut, and drop it into your start-up folder. To have it auto-close, go into the ThrottleStop.ini and change "DCExitTime=0" to any number you like(basically just means number of seconds before it closes, I have mine set to 5.)

Throttlestop 4.00:

or for more detailed information about TS:

There is no known downsides to using throttlestop, your CPU will still down-clock properly when not in use, and it does not run hotter, nor have I found any conflicts with battery draining faster.

Also, you do NOT have to worry about any overheating, even with throttling disabled I see no higher than a peak 81c on my CPU/GPU in a ambient room temp of 84-86f. So you really don't need to worry about that. However, the PSU does get hotter when throttling is disabled when there is significant load on CPU + GPU. So just watch for that, though it should be ok for the most part.

More Permanent Fix
This fix is 100% unofficial, and will require you to flash the BIOS. Which can be done with EasyFlash from within the BIOS menu. This is still done at your OWN RISK, so I am NOT responsible for any laptops not working after flashing.(However as a side note, flashing the bios is a fairly safe thing to do, especially when using the built in flasher Asus already provides.)
*Warning, this also might put more strain on your battery when running on battery only, But I've yet so see any difference during my test. Just beware of the possibility, I am in no way responsible for any damages done.

What this fix does is disable Bi Directional PROCHOT within the bios, so there will be no need to run Throttlestop on bootup anymore. I've been using this bios for quite some time, and I have had no problems, so the risk should be minimal. Also, as a bonus, this bios also enables AES(Learn More) that Asus so kindly forgot to implement into our original bios. The download link is below and the instructions for flashing will be below that.

Download: (thanks to AbbyY)


Step 1: Download the file above, extract the 2 files onto a flash drive. Leave the flash drive plugged in.

Step 2: Reboot the computer, and press and hold F2 to get into the bios. Go to Advanced tab, then Start EASY FLASH.

Step 3: You should see the 2 extracted files once into easy flash. Using arrow keys, choose the one with _TFIX(_ORIG is for if you want to go back to default bios). Then hit enter and Yes to update. Let it do its thing, (it will shutdown, but just turn it back on after it shuts down).

Step 4: Once your back into windows, to test for success, download this MSR Tool and type in 0x1fc in the MSR Number box, then click Read MSR. Under the EAX box, you should see "0x0004005E", E being the key here that BD-PROCHOT is disabled(it will be F, it PROHOT is still enabled).

Step 5(optional): You can also test by running Prime95 + Furmark at the same time. Using RealTemp 3.67 to monitor cpu clocks. It should never fall below 1995mhz essentially, but for me, lowest I see it go is 22xxmhz.



If anyone else would like to test for themselves the programs to use for logging, stressing, etc are:

RealTemp 3.67(mainly to log to a txt file, but also it reads accurately the multi/cpu clocks of the CPU. Can be used for temperatures as well.)

PRIME95(good to get CPU to 100% load, but also checks for memory etc, very good for testing the computer stability)

Furmark 1.9.0(puts the graphic card at 99-100% load, again, just another good program to check for stability, of course, also just the programs I used to show consistent throttling.)

Also, if anyone gets some very interesting results, feel free to post in this thread, hopefully this will all lead to an official fix from Asus. We may have a temp fix for now, but always nice to hear official word and for an official update solving this problem. Thanks for reading!

Thread I created on NotebookReview Forums about it.

Thread of this happening to HP Envy 17 owners.

Confirmed Games that are affected by Throttling(click on the game to see throttling log of that game)

Video of throttling in GTA IV

NOTES I've gathered so far:

  • This is not a temperature problem, temps are perfectly well in range during test. However, Intel could be throttling for laptops that possibly would have high temperatures with both running.
  • This is not strictly from caused by nvidia as the HP Envy uses an ATI GPU, so this is either motherboard or strictly the CPU.
  • Using a higher watt PSU has no affect on throttling.
  • This could be a power draw issue, or a premature temperature throttling.
  • Using Throttlestop 3.00 stops the throttle, doesnt have to stay on, just be run once on boot.
  • HP released a BIOS update fixing the throttling problem for Envy 16 gen2 owners on May 29th, 2011.
  • Using realtemp 3.67 to log cpu during games has proven that throttling is happening outside of artificial test.
  • GTA4 is the most affected by throttling, frames are around 10-25, but instantly jump to 30+, once throttlestop is opened.
  • All G53/73SW models are affected by this throttling problem until Asus releases an update to fix it, most likely it will be a new bios.
  • Ken Lee from GenTechPC has been great help, no one at Asus was really responding to me. I asked if Ken could talk to them, and now he is working with Asus to produce a fix. 😆
  • This problem still persist on the new G74/53SX series
  • As of 11-22-11, still no sign that Asus cares to release a bios update fixing this issue(not even for their new G series). So I don't see the point in hoping they will fix it anymore.

Since all the links are dead, here is my dropbox backup, should have all the files in this post. Choose the one you need.
Dropbox Backup
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i know that a lot of people asked this the permanent solution working on the g53sx?

Level 7
Hi, I am new in ROG community.

I have G74SX 91356V

My question is, ASUS still working on how to fix the throttling problem? or I am gonna try my last hope modded bios.

If someone fix the problem completely, please inform us (newbies) how to fix the problem with detailed steps. We need professionals help. Otherwise I am gonna lose my mind and crush my laptop.

I tried MSI afterburner first and overclocked my laptop 900 1800 1500 and when I understand the problem coming from CPU, throttling, I tried TS 4.10 5.00 but it didn't affect anything.

I just wonder is the Asus still working on fix the problem.

Hello, i installed the fixed bios, but if i run a full prime 95 my cpu is 2.6ghz, a bit later goes to 2.3 and Down to 2.0. Its at trottle?

The same happent with trottlestop 5. Its that normal ? How to test it Working?

Level 7
After I installed fix I have no noticeable fps drops in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Ty for this! 🙂

BUT, Intel Boost Monitor still shows that CPU is capped at 2.6-2.7, how come? Is one of my cores dying (I checked temp and 1 of the cores was 6 degrees celcius lower than the other 3.

@Cyberix, your cores are fine, if they were dying, other things would be happening. The temperature difference could be due to the physical location of the cores relative to the thermal grease, or other physical factors. As it stands, lower temps are better, so that's a good thing. 🙂 Oh, and the frequency cap is normal if you have multiple cores running.
I am disturbed because I cannot break my system...found out there were others trying to cope! We have a support group on here, if your system will not break, please join!
We now have 178 people whose systems will not break! Yippee! 🙂
LINUX Users, we have a group!

Zygomorphic wrote:
@Cyberix, your cores are fine, if they were dying, other things would be happening. The temperature difference could be due to the physical location of the cores relative to the thermal grease, or other physical factors. As it stands, lower temps are better, so that's a good thing. 🙂 Oh, and the frequency cap is normal if you have multiple cores running.

Thanks, good to know 🙂

After playing some matches with new BIOS, I do got fps drops, alot actually (Need to stable it on 60-100fps), but still less than with OG BIOS. But it might just be the game afterall, the tick (64Kbit/s) is 2low for the game making it lag, but also when playing in 128 tick it's more stable (except for playing in ESEA, cause ESEA **** ur CPU up. Will try to get ESEA to run on 1 thread and see if that helps. 🙂

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thank u very much G74s works much smoother now!!! fps stays like it should be.. even wtih bf 4
one temp stays near 80-84 when i play...IS it too high???

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Just disable bd-prochot with latest bios and bios editor, FORMAT usb stick and flash bios. then uninstall throttlestop as it is now obsolete.
[G74SX-BBK11] 1080p i7-2670QM GTX 560M 2GB 8GB RAM 128GB SanDisk SSD BIOS 203 /w BD-PROCHOT disabled

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I have the G53SX and I'm not sure Throttlestop is working. I'm getting really low fps in CS:GO which irretates me. Will the BIOS update for the G53SW work for the SX as well?

Now after reading everything on here, I know the laptop is toast! I'm so mad right now! I even used the USB method and my laptop is now a brick! I got it at an excellent price, now I'll return it to get my money back. For what I paid for it, I'm losing big time! Oh well...I truly enjoyed it the few days I've had it and will be looking to get another one if not better!