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Attention for G752VY Users ( Please Cooperate and check )

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Its over, thanks everyone, thanks to my local Consumer Protection Firm's Consultant and advises. And of course, all my ROG brothers here.

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Jlieu, just typed in my serial # and the correct information came up (G752VY). So maybe it's Not a database error, and you perhaps want to check your actual specs against what you purchased. Where did you buy yours from?

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Great, malaysia have everything fk up.

Asus MAlaysia G752VY- CG192T

It's possible that the serial numbers are incorrectly recorded but you have the right hardware. I had the same problem with an old company called BFG. I RMA'd a water cooled GPU and they had the serial number recorded wrong so they sent me a fan cooled card. I think it took several months to get everything straightened out. 😞
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But in case anything happen they can denied any sells on G752VY instead. I guess i will just leave it then. 😕

Jlieu wrote:
I guess i will just leave it then. 😕

The lawsuit idea, yeah. I don't think it would go anywhere based on website lookup results but it would cost you a lot of time and money for nothing.

The hardware, no don't let it go. You should independently verify with hardware IDs whether you got what you paid for. Don't rely on model numbers or serial numbers. If someone sold you the wrong machine they need to make it right.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

Yeah I understand what he is saying but for me the real problem is simply a database problem:


As the also fails when I look for drivers most of the times.

Basically the Asus Website is simply under maintenance during the last months, so things are a little not working or taking time to load.

Creating a Lawsuit will not solve anything.

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Apparently nobody want to purchase asus hardware in my country, i try to sell it, but have to be extremely cheap, else no one will buy. So i try to keep some love for them for last chance.

Thanks for suggestion everyone, my consultant also advise me to stay away from them because Asus already have policies protecting them. High chances we, as consumer will lost the battle.

So, i will just leave it. Enjoy my life and stop carrying that much.

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Ask Asus Support maybe?
Because I had a similar issue last year, they corrected it.