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ATK package not working!!!

Level 7
Hi everyone. I have a G53jw and I am having issues with the keyboard backlight. My light was working fine until the dc pin broke and it went in for repair. They replaced the mobo and sent it back and now the lights dont work. The upper left button works and shows the all lights on/off, but nothing happens. I have tried fn+f4, uninstalling and installing the ATK package v 1.0005, v1.0010, restarting and nothing happens. I took out the kb and made sure the gold was facing up on the power strip, and nothing again. I have BIOS 211 and I have tried everything I have found. Please help before I throw this thing out the window. It has a lot of design flaws and has one problem after another. Please renew my faith in ROG!!!!!!

Level 10
OK... there's a procedure in getting this to work...

1) Make sure the gold leads for the kb lights is facing up. (You have done this)

2) Reboot the system, and make sure the kb lights flash on/off during POST. If not, you will need to run the KB Lights Fix pack from a USB Bootable, which is available from my Drivers and App page. When applied, reboot again to ensure it flashes on during POST.

3) Then hit the 1st key of the 3 special keys and cycle the system until it says "All Lights On"

4) Then hit FN+F4 to raise the lights.

If none of this works, then you'll need to RMA again. 😞
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