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Asus worth it instead of other laptop?

Level 7
I'll post this here since I think I got into the wrong forum (sorry, if its wrong ill gladly delete it)

Worth it as a replacement?
So I'm in Mexico and what I wanted to see is if this computer is a good replacement for the razer blade or gigabyte p34g. I'd say "replacement" because I know that there is no direct replacement for specs such as the razer blade for that weight. However I don't mind the fact that it is 2.5kg (.8kg more).

The specs on the Asus G46vw I would be buying would specifically be of:

Intel Core i7 3610 QM 2.3 GHz Processor
16GB Ram or 8 GB Ram
Nvidia Geforce GTX 670MX 3GB GDDR5 VRAM
128 GB SSD
750 GB HDD

I'm not sure but I've heard really really good things about ASUS as a maker and not so much about Razer and that would be another reason I wanna buy this computer. So what do you guys think ? Should I buy this computer as it is my only choice left since I live in Mexico or wait for a miracle and buy another gaming laptop?
The reason I want a 14 inch and not the G750 is because I personally need to take it to college too so I don't want to double the weight too.
Also do you guys think its a comparable notebook to the razer blade? and could I smoothly run games?

I know that prices aren't really comparable since its 1500$ (here in mexico) vs a 2000$ but I'm pretty sure the gigabyte p34g (1400$) has similar specs. So any feedback? I'm really inclined towards ASUS since they have really good products and impeccable service

Level 17
Simple, you answered your own question. 🙂 Get it. Those specs are more than enough to run games, without a doubt, though the lack of a 1080p screen would be a turn-off for me. Other than that, it's one of the best 14-inch gaming notebooks that you can find. Welcome to the forums! 🙂
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