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ASUS update deletes critical drivers HELP

Level 7
Hello everyone, I would like to start off by saying I am a fan of the ASUS gaming line and was very excited to pick up the new G75VW. I am a soldier who is about to deploy over seas and needed a good laptop that would be dependable, and also have the hardware needed to play some of today's newer games such as BF3, Mw3, Skyrim, and Tera. After doing a bunch of research I found that the ASUS G75 would suit my needs perfectly and the price was right. Considering they are new with some of the newer technology it wasn't easy to find but I eventually got my hands one.

After a couple weeks of some hardcore gaming the only issue I had with my new G75 was the common subwoofer issue, and because they are fairly new I was content with that thinking a update would be released to fix it. Just today the ASUS Updater kept saying it wanted to install a update called "Insta-On" or something along those lines. As soon as the update was complete it converted my resolution to 800x600 and my mouse stopped working then told me to restart. When i restarted I came to find out that a few critical drivers were completely wiped from the system such as the USB drives, Bluetooth, and maybe more. I noticed the laptop was running much slower as well. I tried re-downloading the newest drivers from your site and it didn't work. I then took it to Best-Buy to have Geek Squad look at it and they couldn't get the drivers back either and said the only option was to reset it back to factory. Still waiting for a call to see how things went because every time tried to restore it would create a error message. Please keep in mind I was running Kaspersky since I got it, and it had no known viruses.

ASUS if you are reading this, please give me some information so I can fix this problem, and if not possible please fix the released update so that if Best-Buy gives me another it doesn't happen again.

Thanks in advance.

Level 11
As far as I know the forum asus experts recommend staying away from using the "asus updater" ( guess it has been problematic for a very long time ) and to only install updates individually from the asus support site for your machine after they have been checked out.

You should probably burn the 3 recovery DVDs just to have them around but right now as long as your recovery partition exists you should be able to use F9 on a restart and recover it yourself back to factory delivered condition.

Probably also a very good idea to get an external hard drive and start doing regular system images ... do one before any big change on your system and/or weekly or something like that. That gives you a way to get back to a time when you knew everything was working without having to restart everything back to factory delivered status.

Wow fast response, thanks!

Well that's some good info much appreciated. If I get mine back I'll be sure to stay away from the ASUS auto updater this time around. I shouldn't have to but it is what it is I guess. I wasn't aware of the "F9" option wish I would have known that prior to taking it to best buy. Again, thanks for the fast reply and useful information.

Level 11
Somewhere there is a thread on handy things to keep around from asus versus things that are "not so much" of a value add. In that thread it specifically recommended removing/uninstalling the asus updater ... which I eventually did do. Don't remember/know the history of that whole thing though ...

Definitely get drivers on your own. Just regularly check the ASUS and vendor websites. ASUS hardware will run reference drivers from vendors such as nVidia. They are often more reliable (or just more frequently updated) than the ASUS-certified ones. Just my $0.02
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