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Asus Rog Strix Hero III - G731GW - buzzing speakers

Level 7
First of all, hello everyone! This is my first post and as a happy user of this beast machine, Im surprised to make a thread regarding buzzing sound issue as the first thing in this community. Lets get to the topic tho.

So I edit videos in premiere pro on my new laptop and noticed that my audio is very bad. Like there is this buzzing sound behind my voice that I can not fix. So I watched so many new videos regarding audio editing, I exported my audio to audition to fix it there but still no luck... And then it happened. My wife wanted me to lower down the volume a bit so I connected my headphones. Problem vanished.

Did some testing and aparently on some youtube videos I also get that buzzing sound. Its like the speaker would play too laud but it's not. So its quite random on which types of sounds it happens but there are some music tracks that pretty much always make it buzz. Oh and my voice recorded on my phone. Always buzzing.

So happy I found its my laptop issue and not the recordings itself - at least I can upload my newest video today - but things like that shouldn't happen on a brand new machine. And a expensive one as well.

Any ideas guys?

Tried updating the drivers but didn't help.

Thank you.
R. Kamil