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Asus ROG Spatha Mouse and Armoury Crate Not Compatible only work 1 time fix.

Level 7

This is an instructional fix for both when the aura wallpaper is missing and for the rog spartha not loading in armoury crate. You only need the A,B,C, D below but thorough instructions are there too.
A. rog spatha asus framework service ok
B. rog spatha asus framework service not okay
C. uwp app and core services update not okay there is a bug in-between this update and
D. after all steps get back the asus wallpaper service by selecting featured >> content and installing a wallpaper which will force install the asus wallpaper service if it’s missing.

1. download armoury crate full installer and armoury crate uninstall tool (under more downloads) from asus support.
2. goto device manager by typing devmgmt.msc in the start search and under mice click on rog spartha if you see it and click the red x to remove along with checking the tickbox to try to remove drivers. The second part is crucial. While mice is still expanded remove all of the other entries to and then goto the top and scan for hardware changes which will bring back the hid compliant mouse entries.
3. Run the armoury crate uninstall tool with uninstall apps for all existing accounts checked. Restart using the finishing prompt only from the uninstall tool.
4. After reboot type in appwiz.cpl to open uninstall programs and make sure that near the bottom of the list (it shows up non alphabetically) or anywhere you don’t see any entry for asus rog spartha or asus rog spatha 2.4 and if you do then get rid of them and reboot although the uninstall tool should have removed them already.
5. Install armoury crate from the full installation package that you downloaded and notice that after you click next at the second screen mouse will be ticked off and your rog spartha will have a tick box indicator alongside. Continue the installation package and confirm rog spartha on the next screen. The package takes a while to unzip at the beginning, don’t be surprised. Feel free to watch music videos on youtube while you wait.
6. Then open armoury crate after install and click that you understand and accept the reboot and/or any user account control which you view.
7. After the reboot open up armoury crate and accept user agreement and login. There will be a red n for ‘new’ next to devices.
8. Take this step at your own risk because one time this broke it again so I needed to start over: after armoury crate installs check that rog spatha loads under devices and then goto settings and only update uwp app and core services (the top item) only.
9. When armoury crate loads up goto rog spartha under devices and when it tells you to update then click on check for update but Immediately after that then go back to rog spartha without doing the update, then when the prompt comes up click to update later.
10. Go back to settings and update each item one at a time following, this time, excluding the update for rog spartha and the uwp core service.
11. Goto features and download an aura wallpaper to get the service.
12. In conclusion Asus needs to fix this problem.