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ASUS ROG JT/JY Fan noise

Level 8
1- People with ASUS ROG JT/JY How is the fan noise
at IDLE (In VERY Quite Environment No Air Condition/No Background Noise or Gaming noise)

2- How is fan noise under load (In VERY Quite Environment). And do you notice the fan noise while running it at idle

3- What is your Max fan speed at Load?

Level 7
1) in desk use, if its absolute silence in the area you can hear the fans

2) in gaming when gpu anc cpu are in heavy usage fans make high noise , you can hear them from 10m away . so for example i cannot play without headsets bcoze the noise disturbs me

3) from what i measured i think its 2800 or 3200 rpm

ive own g751jy 980m

Level 9
The noise from the GPU fan on my G751JY 980m was so bad I had to return it ... even when just in windows. it made what sounded like a clicking sound. it took me almost three weeks of fighting with the store I purchased it from before they just refunded my cash back. a shame really as the laptop was fantastic apart from the GPU fan noise. the CPU fan was almost silent when working in the desktop.

Level 10
You shouldn't expect a 100+ watt GPU, packed inside such a cramped place to cool silently with effectively less than half the cooling power of a desktop GPU - it needs some kick to get it cool, and frankly, I'm amazed at how they managed 75% (in my benchmarks - even more) of a desktop GTX980's peroformance with just what it has in the G751 in terms of cooling.

The sound to me is very audible but apart from a few times where I specifically made myself pay attention to actually how loud the fans can get - I wasn't bothered. The fact that the screen is obscuring them kind of helps with this.

for the first seven months that i had my g751jy, i couldn't hear the fans, either of them, even at high load. they were almost silent. if i turned the computer around, and put my ear to the rear vents, i could hear them. but other than that, nope. however, in the last two or three months, they have definitely gotten louder. i can hear them from across the room. there is no clicking noise, but just cooling noise. but right now, it is a lot louder than it has ever been before.
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