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ASUS ROG GL771JM GTX860m 16 GB fan issue and fps drops

Level 7
hi i bought this asus rog GL771JM a year ago, and since october i have this issue whith my laptop.

ive updated the drivers of the card from nvidia, and then when i play games i nocticed some huge drops on the fps. noticed also that my temps was pretty high then used to be. 70 before with fans working, and now 85 whitn no fan activity.

the strange thing is for the first hours of playing the fans work then it dont!

so i play like 3 to 4 legue of legends games of 20 to 30in with no problems then the fans shut down, noting of air comes out of the left exhaust.

anyone has some idea of whats going on? is there any type of control of the fans i can use or monitor for my laptop.

wanna try to fixed my ownthat to send to the manufacturer.