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Asus Rog GL552V only turns on when connecting keyboard to motherboard

Level 7

Hello! I have had an Asus ROG for years, unfortunately it recently stopped turning on.

  • Model: Asus Rog GL552V
  • Serial No.: GL552VW-DM141

I tried leaving it connected and charging for several hours, and I managed to turn it on. But this was not the solution since after a few days the same thing happened again, the laptop did not turn on.

I decided to see if the problem could be the power button or similar, so I started doing several tests.

  • I opened the laptop and disconnected the keyboard from the motherboard. When I connect the keyboard to the motherboard again, the computer turns on, as if you pressed the power button. I tried turning it off by holding the power button, and it turned off without any problem, which leads me to think that the problem is not with the power button.
  • Faced with this curious event, I decided to disassemble the entire laptop and reassemble it. After doing this, pressing the power button turns the computer on correctly. I tried restarting it, turning it off and on several times, but after a while leaving it off, again, when I press the power button, it does nothing.
  • After this, out of curiosity, I decided to test what would happen if I disconnected the keyboard from the motherboard and reconnected it. Again, as I mentioned in the first point, when you connect the keyboard to the board, the computer turns on as if you pressed the power button.
  • I repeated the entire related process again, and everything happened the same. I disconnected everything from the motherboard, put it back together, the computer ascended correctly for a while and then stopped ascending again.

I recently spoke by phone with Asus technical service, they suggested me do a couple of tests that I had previously tried and they had not worked. Seeing that it didn't work and that the equipment is no longer under warranty, the only thing he told me was to take it to a computer store and have them look at it to see what it could be.

I wanted to present the case here to see if anyone has had something similar happen to them, and if there is a solution.

Regards, and thank you very much.