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Asus ROG G771JM - Samsung 970 EVO Doesn't show in BIOS - Un-bootable

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Hi everyone

First off, I'm glad to be a new member so hello to everyone and thank you for letting me be a part of this.

Now to the juicy stuff. My G771JM laptop just got an upgrade, an 970 evo m.2 ssd hd. My goal is to make this drive my C: and have windows 10 installed on it.
I updated the BIOS, I removed all other drives. Booted up with a prepared win10 usb installation stick. Inside installation the m.2 hd shows, and windows can proceed with installing (I've tried creating new and also just clicking next without creating new). After the windows files has been copied and the laptop wants to reboot for the first time, I remove the usb and here is where the problem begins.
Nothing! 😞 I just boots into BIOS. No 970 evo nothing. It doesn't show in BIOS, even after the upgrade I did from downloading Asus official bios patch. If I let the usb still be inside, it just starts the installation from the beginning.
I read that if you disable some things in BIOS, secure-boot etc, it would work, but not for me. The option for selecting the 970 evo doesn't show, ever.

Before I did all this, I booted up in win10 normally with old ssd hd, and I can see the m.2 as a normal listed hd. But I cannot make it an bootable win10 drive.

Thank you in advance to everyone and I hope I posted this in the right thread. 🙂


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I bought the Crucial's P1 500GB M.2 SSD, after I read on Crucial's own homepage that it would be 100% compatible with my computer, and SAME PROBLEM!
I contacted ASUS and they gave me a wierd reply, they didn't even answer my questions and said basically: "We can't update, sorry".
Im very disappointed in this G771JM. Why have an m.2 slot and not make it 100% fully function and compatible? ASUS doesn't even care to make updates.
So no more m.2 hds, last thing to upgrade is 2x8GB Memory. I have now preinstalled 2x6GB. We'll see if I have any problem installing the new ones.

Does anyone have and modded BIOS version that could work maybe?




Use the Stickys:

Disable CSM in BIOS

Remove all drives but those you are trying to work with. Reinstall the other drives once you have Windows installed.

Good Luck
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Any hint what to do when a M2 SSD is not detected at all?

When i change to AHCI instead of RAID, windows 10 crashes...

ACHI setting is for single drive OS installation.

RAID is for multiple drives in collective. When you are using the RAID driver you are spreading Windows across multiple drives.
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
Homebuilt Windows Server

Groove wrote:
Any hint what to do when a M2 SSD is not detected at all?

When i change to AHCI instead of RAID, Windows 10 crashes...

Does your Notebook support AHCI and then if it does, Would that be in NVME mode or SATA mode, ensure you have the correct M.2 SSD to start with.

You should be able to Clone your original drive to your new SSD. I recommend Free Macrium Reflect. Once Reflect is installed Create a Recovery USB. Boot to the MR Recovery USB from there you should be able to Clone old drive to "New RAW SSD" I put RAW meaning that the SSD is as it came from the factory Clean with nothing but Unallocated Space uninitialized no format. That will work regardless of system your using NVME or SATA During the set up for the Clone adjust your C partition to fit the new SSD larger or Smaller which ever way you are going. MR will do the rest.

Yes when switching from RAID to AHCI, you will also have to Clean install Windows and all that goes along with that New OS Install.

There is a process where you create a C: Partition Image.
Reinstall Windows in AHCI mode.
"This is how you set up all the correct partitions for UEFI and create your correct boot manager."

Then overwrite the New C: Partition with the Image you created before you started this.
"This puts you back where you were with windows and Programs" all running in AHCI
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