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Asus ROG G75VW Audio Driver for Windows 10 + Quailty configuration

Level 7
Hello guys! Finally, a great message! A release of the unofficel drivers which works for the ROG laptop has been released! Not specified for the ROG G75xx But it works very well! Both the Sub and treble/mid range works! It just need some simple configurations i made some which works kinda great not the best configs but it works!




First start by opening the program:

After that we would like to start by fixing the Headphones
Start by pressing the small icon here:

Then we check the Redirected Headphones

After that go into Sound manager and enable 5.1 Surround sound
Start by right clicking the Sound manager

After that select speakers and go configuration in the left bottom corner which should bring up a box where you can select between 5.1 Surround sound and Stereo sound select 5.1 and press next
Now you can do things like you want to i like to config everything so it would be perfect but you can just click next again if you are lazy
If you are like me then uncheck the Center and Rear speakers and press next because we only have 2.1 Sound
then we come to the treble speakers selection which is simple the surround speakers is going to be unchecked and that is it press next and that is it from here!

Now it is time to do some work in the software again!
Start by configurating the Bass so it would match your behaves I prefer to have it loud then configurating it in the preset

Now we will take a look at Preset because that is where it gets tricky
The preset is a thing which takes long time to understand and i don't even understand it ether but i made it sound really great! Feel free to config it like me
That should be it! After long time waiting we have a beta sound driver which works! Thanks to VIA audio for FINALLY releasing their own and ASUS We're still waiting for your drivers! 😉
Have a nice and enjoyable day with great quality sound!
Feel free to ask questions!

Thank you so much. This really helped me. I was so frustrated, and now I have my sound back to normal!!

you so rock!

Hello guys !

First thanks for this configuration tutorial, it helped me to get sound back on Windows 10.

However, I still have a problem : the bass volume is not adjusting itself regarding the increase or decrease of the main volume.

If I set the bass volume to 15%, it will stay there even if I put the main volume to 1%. Consequence : you can't really get the sound lower
because the bass always stay in the same volume ; only part of the sound is lowered. Very disturbing in games, because you still hear
loud explosions even when you put the volume at the minimum ! 😞

Does anyone have the same problem ? Did I miss something in the setup ? It was working well on Windows 7/8.


Thank you very much for your post. This sound problem has been bother me for a while and I couldn't find a solution until now.
Shame on ASUS' support.

Thank you so much for this. The sound issues were so annoying

It finally works! I had to use Windows Compatibilty to get HDDeck to open up. Used Windows Vista setting.

Thanks for this post! I've got sound back after just upgrading to Win10. However, within HD VDeck I can't change settings in the sound equalizer or the environmental modeling. I am in expert mode. When I click on 'enable', it turns yellow. Any tips? I uninstalled, deleted the folder with the download, restarted my computer (numerous times!) and reloaded the driver, reinstalled, and the same thing happens. Help! and thanks!

I have to say first, that this made my speakers 3x as loud as they have been so big +1 for that.

However, it seems that most of my sound is coming out of my subwoofer which is very annoying. I cannot change the equalizer settings because they are greyed out... See photos below. Thanks again!!


Having the same issues. Everything is greyed out. So annoying. I have tried everything. This is absolutely insane.

geifr wrote:
Having the same issues. Everything is greyed out. So annoying. I have tried everything. This is absolutely insane.

I tough I was going insane as well!
There's a brand new release of the HD VDeck software, v11_1100, which worked for me:

Same way as explained higher through 5.1. One thing I had to change was the bass cutoff level from
playback devices -> speakers-> properties -> 2.1 Channel ->more settings
If the cutoff is too low, the sub won't work, if it's too high, only the sub will work.

Good luck!