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Asus ROG G752VY works only in safe mode NVIDIA GPU issue. Please help

Level 7
Hello, I have a ROG G752VY that is 3 years old. Worked fine mostly, sometimes did some random freeze, mostly when a USB storage device was attached, but nothing that a hard reboot can't handle.

But starting yesterday it doesn't want to boot up past the Asus Rog logo. But it works in safe mode. It also works if I disable the Nvidia GPU from the device manager.

I've installed and uninstalled various Nvidia drivers no change including the one from asus driver page.

I've used the Ultimate Boot CD to verify the video memory using the application Video Memory Stress Test 1.7 and it failed the test.

Once it starts the test "Ones" and "Zeroes" which I'm assuming it means it writes and read from the video memory, it shows error for all video memory addressees like in the image attached.

So it appears the GPU or Video memory is busted but I'm not an expert I don't know for sure


the strange thing is after rebooting for at least 50 times at least 2 or 3 times it booted into normal mode with the nvidia gpu working. I even managed to attach a second monitor and it worked. But it works correctly for less than a minute and then the screen gets black (with the lcd leds on)

Anyone have any idea or had this happened to him?

Can I realistically repair this computer? Can I replace the GPU or have any type of solution.

Thank You for your help.

Level 7
Not sure if related but the ROG Gaming Center do not detect both the CPU and GPU and show no information about speed of temperature. It was like this for a few months now.

Level 9
From video mem test I conclude Vmem is busted or balls under vmem unsoldered/craked. You need to take it to a good laptop service to reball or replace vmem chips.
I can recommend Daniel Rakowiecki,search him on yt, but I doubt you will want to ship it that far.

The video memory chips are outside the GPU?

can you give me some realistic idea on how much the repair could cost? I'm located in Europe.

I'm looking at replacement motherboards online, this I could do myself, swap the item, but they cost 400 euros plus and most vendors appear to be resellers of parts from Shenzen, where they don't even have the part available and will order for less money after you pay them. I found the same parts directly from China at half the price but any euro invested is risky as the replacement motherboard may be a used part or they may send a wrong one. I also need to wait for months till it arrives.

Trying to fix the original board of the computer could cost lees or more than replacing it?

Not ideal anyway.

So now if I disable the Nvida GPU from the device manager the laptop boots in normal mode only that the video is low resolution. like the driver is missing. What video card the computer is using, the integrated intel video from the CPU?

speccy says that the monitor resolution is 1536x824

Name Generic PnP Monitor on Microsoft Basic Display Driver
Current Resolution 1536x864 pixels
Work Resolution 1536x824 pixels
State Enabled, Primary
Monitor Width 1920
Monitor Height 1080
Monitor BPP 32 bits per pixel
Monitor Frequency 64 Hz
Device \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0

Manufacturer NVIDIA
Model GeForce GTX 980M
Device ID 10DE-1617
Revision A2
Subvendor ASUStek Computer Inc (1043)
Current Performance Level Level 0
Driver version
Count of performance levels : 1
Level 1 - "Perf Level 0"

I don't get it