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Asus Rog G752VY 7 years and time to replace

Level 7

Hi and thank you for any contributions, they are much appeciated.

I have had my Asus Rog G752VY since 2016, £1800 or there abouts then, it has served me well and I love it and the brand, but lately it is showing signs of being an old boy on the GPU front (GTX 930M) with general performance in my gaming, Wow, Rust, Eve Online, NMS, Elite Dangerous and Stat Citizen and others. lacking.

So what next? I am confused on the current ASUS  gameing laptop selection (too many). I did not care how beefy my current laptop not far from a desktop 17 inch was. I liked that it is a latop (alas a big one) as I could still take it to visits to Yorkshire, some of the new ones look a bit too thin. 

What I would like is the follow on, a Laptop, pref min 17 nch screen, beefy ASUS laptop that will give me five or some more years  of highend performace as the G752VY did so well at and I bow to ASUS for such a feat..

So what next? budget is £2/3 k or £4k UK at a push, what would you all recommend is my next ASUS dream machine, that will be the same gaming companion as the G752VY has been for the next  five or more years?

All suggesions and help much appreciatedm thank you.