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ASUS ROG G752VS Question About Paint Scraping Off?

Level 7
Hello there i have a question for the user who own an ASUS G752VS GTX 1070 model, when you moved your laptop from place to place, did the silver plastic paint underneath fall off, as a reviewer reviewed the ASUS G752VS has the silver pain scrape off the bottom, revealing the plastic, this is what he said - I has some of the silver paint scrape off underneath to reveal the black plastic underneath. picture of the scrape - I am sure it would end up looking beat up quite quickly
Did any of this happen to you own the ASUS G752VS. the model i'm considering of getting is this one - Would any of you recommend it, as i quite like - i like the design, processor, and the easy access and 2 PCIE/NVMe slots.
What do you think, should i go for the ASUS ROG G752VS?

Level 14
Just looking at your picture, it looks to me like this has been drug across something multiple times. Maybe something special about VS but I think the G752 cases are all the same. I've had mine since Dec 2016 and haven't seen this since the rubber feet are all that touches any desk top I'm using???. My G75VW I have for 4 years did not have this kind of damages enough abuse/neglect will damage anything.
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