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ASUS ROG G751jy, Water damage. Waited 7hrs to dry and laptop works except touchpad?

Level 7
Hello everybody,

I got really unlucky last night. A storm pushed my roof window open when i was sleeping, and i only woke up when it was too late, not even raining anymore.

I first noticed that my phone is completely wet so i turn it off. Then the **** hits me when i see my gaming table and my masterkeys S mechkeyboard is literally in a puddle (have not tested yet if it works because it was the most wet from everything that got rain). Also i bought week ago logitech g403 wireless and that was soaking wet too. Well i was pissed but thinking that they are peripherals that i can replace in few months if i save money. After that i noticed that my ASUS ROG g751jy was also sitting in a puddle :eek:

Good thing was that it was not turned on and the lid was closed.
I wiped all the water from outside with towel, and when i open the lid i saw that there is water on the touch pad, and in the touch pad buttons. I wiped everything i could see and opened up the service hatch, there was no water in.
Waited for 7hrs for it to dry and now the laptop works otherwise good, but the touchpad buttons are not functioning at all.
Do you have suggestions what to do?
Will update if my keyboard comes to life or something else happens to my laptop.
So folks remember to close your roof window especially if you just have completed your gaming setup after working towards it +6montsh 😞

Level 11
Wait more than 7 hours.

If the moisture got under the pad keys it may take several days to evaporate. Open it up and blow air over it with a fan for a few days. You may also have moisture still in the case and just no obvious issues at the moment. I recently had a similar accident but not with a computer, it was a touchpad though, and a few of the keys would not respond for days but then aftewards suddenly came back to life, to my relief.