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ASUS ''ROG'' G751JT - several problems occuring, help needed.

Level 7
Hello, I've had this PC for about a year now and about a month (Three weeks, maybe) ago I started to play a game (SWTOR) and it, to this day, is causing alot of problems - most which ends in forceful reboot on my side. Since then the PC have become degraded (not performance wise) and sloppy.

Full list of errors:
* The battery is stuck at 0%, it says it is recharging but the battery symbol is not animating as it should nor is it recharging. (Battery began working a bit badly even months ago. The light indicating 100% charge stopped working for months then started to work automatically. PC does not Always notify when Power is critically low. Even when at full charge [Long time ago] the battery button still glowed orange - indicating the need for more Power).
* The entire UI freezes and requires CTRL + ALT + DEL to unlock and become usable again.
* Power fails at random times, the screen goes first then keyboard lights, etc.
* Clicking links on Internet Explorer occasionally does not work, Explorer.exe requires restart to fix it.
* Certain online players UI stop working, causing volume Control issue, unable to pause, etc.
* Unable to scroll down with mouse or by draggin the scroll slider in Internet Explorer, Arrow buttons does not work either with scrolling (Nor does pgdn or pgup, no Num LK Active or SCR LK).

General System Information:
Operating System: Windows 8.1.
Computer: ASUS ''ROG'' g752jt.

What I've tried to fix the problems:
* Reparing damaged Registry Keys with CMD - failed (The keys where repaired but not the main problems).
* Uninstalling the Microsoft AC Adapter & Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Batter and reinstalling - failed.
* Updating the BIOS - unable to, 20% battery required to do.
* Lowering PC Power-consumption to recharge battery - failed.
* Depriving the PC of Power completely to recharge it.
* Using CHKDSK to repair the drive, if damaged. - Failed (I repaired them but the problem persisted).
* Optimizing the storage disks.

Error logs:
Ask what you want and the best way of relaying it and I will oblige.

Possible solution:
Reseting the PC to factory state - last resort!
While using Third-Party Softwares to fix the problem may work I do not want to use those, so please do not recommend those options.

Any advice you guys have, I want. Honestly, this is why console gamers are more effective - they don't have to deal with this bull****!

Level 14
Sounds like a clean install of OS might be in order. Get you Install media here
You'll find your hardware drivers at Asus support downloads

Not sure on the battery could be the AC block or MB error? I don't think the battery charging is a windows thing since you can turn off your notebook leaving it plugged in and your battery will charge to full would be normal.

Possible updating your BIOS to the latest might fix the battery charging if its not a hardware issue.
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I was having the battery problems and it sucked I even tried to buy a new power brick and it didn't really help I ended up sending it in to asus on 08/08/2016 and its currently in shop I would recommend the same because eventually mine stopped charging altogether and it got frustration

Clintlgm wrote:

Possible updating your BIOS to the latest might fix the battery charging if its not a hardware issue.

If you have an idea on how to overcome the, reiteration: 20% battery required to do, part then please suggest it. All other tutorials out there are meant for Dell computers.

Level 13
If Im reading this correctly the battery wont charge at all or just after heavy gaming?
How hard have you hit your battery. Check the battery info by running HWinfo and see what you get.
Chances are from what I'm reading into this is you need a new battery.

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