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ASUS ROG G751JT - Fan Noise

Level 7
Hi, probably been asked a thousand times, but here goes. Received a new ASUS ROG G751JT last week and the keyboard was broken so sent that back to the supplier and received a replacement. What I have noticed with this new one (that I did not notice with the other) is the fan noise, its not really ‘terrible’, but it is noticeable with the fans is coming on to an audible volume almost immediately after start up, or very soon after and tending to stay on. TEMP at 43-45, fans still on (not much happening in windows, no process hogging CPU). If the temp gets above 52-55, fans go into higher mode. From what I have been told, these models are meant to be quiet ‘until’ under load (i.e. running a game etc.)

I have also noticed that there is a vibration coming from the laptop, seems to be the HDD maybe, can be felt just under the CTRL key, near the track pad.

I asked support and they recommended re-installing windows or sending it back, not as to if my experience is within normal expected bounds.

My question is, have any other uses noticed this behavior, noticeable fan noise, vibration etc., is this normal for this model (subjective I know)? Thanks for any replies.