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Asus ROG G751 Battery Swap - Black Screen

Level 7
I posted this elsewhere and didn't get any response, I figured I'd have the best luck here.

I recently swapped the battery for my friend's Asus ROG G751 laptop. Having to perform a type of mild surgery for this process, I found several videos online.

I went through all of the necessary steps, removed screws, panels, CD-ROM, keyboard, speaker panel on the back, disconnected monitor, and finally was able to swap the battery. (Yes, it's THAT involved. It's ridiculous!)

One thing I noticed when I was disconnecting the monitor, the connector to the motherboard was loose and when I moved the monitor it completely disconnected. No problem, just reconnected it again. Also too I found the wifi connectors were disconnected, most likely happened when I removed the keyboard (I tried to be as gentle as possible) so I reconnected those as well.

After putting everything back together, I find now the screen will not turn on, and in some cases it will only remain powered for 10 seconds and then shut off. I suspect there is some switch that prevents it from staying on as when I put it partially back together the power actually remained on, but the screen was still off.

I have disassembled and reassembled the laptop several times now and am starting to feel like I'm just performing acts of insanity. Is there something I'm potentially missing? I've double checked and the monitor cable is secure and connected properly. I'm not quite at the point where I'll need to get Asus involved, but I am starting to get concerned.

Let me know if you require any other information. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.