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ASUS ROG G750JX , No boot, No Post , Can't login into Bios.

Level 7
Hi Everyone,

I have my Asus ROG G750JX laptop for three years with high level of satisfication.

Two days ago when I was configuring multi Windows boots and playing with UEFI BCD store (Via Diskpart, BCDEdit & EasyBCD 2.3) the laptop refuse to boot the system neither allowing me to enter the bios screen.
Here is the diagnostic:

1- The problem is happen when I was playing to add new boot System (Windows 10).
2- I've done that before hundred times without any similar problem.
3- When I power on the laptop the ROG logo appeared for less than a second then blank screen.
4- All keys like ESC,F1-F12,Delete , not responding.
5- The keyboard backlit is ON.
6- Caps lock (Off) and not responding.
7- Keys CTRL+HOME are responding and allowing me to Flash the bios to latest version (209).
8- Hardisk Led just flash for very short time, and then stay Off. Same for CAPS Lock.
9- After Flashing latest bios version the ROG Logo is not showing any more (it was showing for less than a second) and everything else is the same.
10- I removed the laptop battery, Disconnected power plug, but didn't help.
11- I removed the 3.3 volt circle battery on the motherboard for hours, nothing changed.
12- I reset the CMOS & BIOS through jumpers jrst2001 & jrst2002 with different combinations , and nothing changes.
13- I removed all HDD, RAM, nothing changes.

I suspect the bios UEFI is corrupted, or any other bios settings which not being reset to default values whatever of above steps.
The laptop is out of warranty period,(I have it already for about 3 years), also I think disassembling the laptop or removing the 3 volt battery may void the warranty as I've read somewhere.
I don't want to spend x100 $ to repair it.
I don't have experience with hardware bios flashing (EEPROM).
The exact model is: G750JX-T4039H

Is there any way to reset the bios values through some key combination just after pressing Power button, or any utility sit on USB Flash Stick and be booted through some key combination at boot time?

Looking for your help.

Thank you