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ASUS ROG G750JS RS71 OBSCURE situation

Level 7
Hola fellas,
I am thinking of buying a gaming laptop. I am bound to buy around $1400 only. I got 2 options ASUS ROG G750JS RS71 / MSI GT60 DOMINATOR 424.

ASUS 17.3" / MSI 15.6"
Core i7 4700 / Core i7 4800
750GB / 1TB (both HDD'S are 7200RPM)
3GB nVidia GTX 870M in both the models.
MSI is having a lead in it's perfect custom backlit keyboard.

Will buy a 512 GB SSD later on after buying.

MSI is for $1199 on newegg.
My question is there is a deal for the G750js rs71 on this retail website for the first time). It is listed for as low as $1071 $35shipping.
I emailed them and they replied me that they are an authorised dealer and will come with I year ASUS manufacturer warranty.

Help me guys whether I should buy ut from twigmax or go for the another fog or the MSI. The twigmax deal is really breathtaking ignoring what other deals you can get for this price and high end specs. I want this laptop badly can't ignore the down to earth price tag if twigmax.

If someone knows tell me about the ASUS warranty(if brought to india from US) and the twigmax deal if it's reliable or not?.

Level 7
I realize that you have said your max is $1400...but if you could somehow scrape up another $100 you can get the latest Asus (or MSI) for $1499 with the newer GTX 970M in it...and the jump from the 870 to the 970 is a pretty good jump. The Asus for $1499 is the G751JT-CH71 (

If you had to pick between the older ones that you have listed, I'd definitely pick the Asus myself. I've had two of the G75X series laptops in the past and the cooling is awesome on them. As someone who actually games with my laptop on my lap (novel idea, I know) that's a huge benefit to me. It also keeps the components cooler which prolongs their life.

I was also considering the new MSI for the latest rev because Asus's keyboards have always just been okay and the steel series keyboards have great reviews. I just couldn't overlook the awesome cooling that the Asus has. I hear that the new model MSI's have done much better because they've gone form the single fan to a dual fan, similar to the Asus.

Thanks kennycol I appreciate your advice and I might opt for ROG but I can't add a penny to my budget as I've to buy a new cellphone too. Currently using a phone with cracked LCD. That's why I can't go above $1400. And yeah though I prefer for a good laptop cooling but one can't ignore that stunning MSI keyboard.

I've to sort out this in coming 2-3 days so if someone can get me the information regarding than it'll be a great help.

Fella(s) I apologize for the typing mistakes in my previous post.