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ASUS ROG G750JS (Maintenance Help)

Level 7
First post.
Yeah hi.
I've been using my my Asus G750js for 5 months now. I would kindly know how you maintain it to tip top conditions.
Sure I could bring the Notebook back to the Service Station for a check up. But it's a hassle for a 10 hour back and fourth trip.

But is there a way to do it your own? This is my first Gaming Laptop I don't want to screw badly.
I just wanna know how to clean the keyboard, and the fans without voiding any warranty. (As far I know there are warranty sticker on the screwholes)

And is it okay to leave GPUTweak always in Overclock and in full speed mode? I'm NOT having heat problems though.
33-40 degrees Celsius is still good? Most of the time I spend is inside a 18 degrees Celsius room with AC and fans.

Thank you In Advance.