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Asus Rog G731 HDD problem

Level 7
Hi everyone, last night the second hard drive of my notebook started to give me problems, while I was installing a game I get an intel rapid storage notification telling me that the drive has been removed, it had happened to me once but I restarted and there seemed to be no problems, this time instead every time I tried to open a file on the HDD my PC stopped, sometimes after some time it opened, much more often instead the notification appeared that the unit had been removed. I state that I have the Pc for 1 month and has never suffered physical damage, I tried to analyze and correct the unit but the result was always the same, it arrived at a certain point and crashed, then I formatted it and from that moment no problems are detected anymore, but the HDD continues to crash but less frequently.
I attach a test performed with Crystal Disk

Level 12
You are correct to assume your HD is failing.

The question you should be asking is: "Should you go through the trouble of returning the laptop to ASUS for repair/replacement or simply replace the HD?"

The laptop is still under warranty, your choice.

Good Luck
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Level 7
That’s the problem, I want to avoid wasting time by sending the PC for assistance but at the same time I don't want to spend money and change it by myself also losing the warranty. Would there be a way to receive a refund of the cost of the HDD and keep the warranty while opening the PC?

You know the answer for that!

You could take the laptop back to the reseller and perhaps get satisfaction but ASUS will want you to return the laptop for repair (with no assurance that the HD will be replaced).

To replace the HD you must remove your bottom of the laptop and disconnect two ribbon cables. This will give you access to the HD, NVMe drive, and memory.

I have already spent more time explaining this than time spent to swap out the HD.

Good Luck
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Level 10
Hello AntonioPas,
For refund and replacement, please kindly contact the seller for more detail regulation.
or please send your device to service center to let us have a complete examination on the device.
Thank you very much!