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ASUS RoG G703GI - PSU Question

Level 7
Hey Guys,

I am in the process of getting my first laptop in addition to my desktop. I am very much interested in the soon-to-be-released G703GI in Germany.

My question considers the 2 PSUs (crazy!). The laptop will be staying mainly in my office, but I am gonna do some traveling from time to time and have to take it with me. I won't be gaming then, so my question is:

Do I need to bring BOTH PSUs all the time to recharge it, or would one do the trick also.

Your help is much appreciated

Thx in advance!

BrandonVickers wrote:
I now own a G703GI-XS74 for a day and can fully confirm only one power supply is needed to run it for most things. However, if you are running it on extreme settings, one is barely enough. I think might even have been discharging battery slightly running it fast. I just plugged the second one to see if it was limiting me in power using only one supply.

In the end, how was it?
For those who use the computer to play without overclocking. Do you need the other charger?


Quick question on that. Would 1 power supply crash games by any chance?

I noticed that lately I been getting my games freezing (Shadow of War and Battlefield 2042) after a minute when working on one power supply. Would that be power related or gpu?

Level 7
Guys, tell me, do you actually really think Asus delivers you 2 power bricks because they have too many of them laying around? Why would you assume that using only one of them comes with no downsides?
You can use laptops that have two power bricks with only one of them but, surprise, your laptop will only have half the power it would have when using both, so every single one of those laptops limits gaming performance when used with only one of them. Otherwise the laptop battery would discharge while gaming instead of charging because the additional power needed would be gained from it.
How exactly manufacturers deal with that is another question i would be interested in though, especially because i will get the Asus Mothership when it releases. How much does it limit performance is the question.

Hello Steve,

Thank you for the answer. I tested the games with both power supplies and still having crashes.

Guess is not power supply related.