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Asus ROG G60VX thermopads

Level 7

Hello everyone!

I've got Asus ROG G60VX (2009) laptop today. The problem is that thermopads are used in its' cooling system. And I can't measure a thickness of the thermopads accurately and can't find any information about it in the Internet. Maybe someone of you, guys, know what thermopads were used in this laptop? Thanks in advance 


Level 12

Good morning!

Useful information, thanks. But is there one thickness for all components? I mean that there are thermopads on the crystal of south bridge and on the crystal of video chip (MXM format). Are you sure that all of them need thermopads of the same thickness?

In fact, I've taken a look at the cooling in this laptop and the GPU is treated very badly, which probably results in its high temperatures. On the other hand, for the chip and the GPU, I would give 1 mm thermopads with high adhesion. Try to find thermopads with high thermal conductivity, at least 8 W/mK.

Yeah, I've already read about it 🙂 Cooling system is quite bad here

Liquid thermopads can be the solution of this problem. I wanted to save my money but I need more reliable variant. Thank you very much!