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Asus ROG G60VX doesn't show image after reloading

Level 7


I have a problem with my Asus ROG G60VX laptop

When I turn it on it works good without errors. But if I want to reload it or try to turn it off and turn on immediately, there is no image on the screen. Keyboard's lightning is working, I can even push NumLock or CapsLock and its icons on the topcase will glow. If I try to push some keys I can see the icon of hdd loading blinking. Also I can hear a sound of turning on, like an explosion. And after 2 minutes or something like that I hear this sound again, maybe laptop is reloading cyclically.

After that I need to wait about 15-30 minutes and then I'm able to turn the laptop on successfully.

And I've noticed that if laptop works for a quite long time (about 2-3 hours) laptop starts to reload correctly, but until I disconnect battery. Or I can shut it down and tomorrow the problem is on her place

So, since this problem was occured, I've tried a lot to decide it. I've changed thermal pads and thermal paste, changed CMOS battery, disassembled laptop to clean it properly, but the problem is still here.

My suspicion is that something wrong with video chip as it can be overheated easily on this laptop and it doesn't turn on without video card in theory. But I don't want to change it blindly because of its high price

So I decided to ask, maybe some people here had similar experience. Maybe there are people who can say what can be wrong by my description. Thank you in advance!