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Asus ROG Audio Wizard on ROG G751J

Level 7
On an Asus ROG G751JT that I bought used, it came with an audio utility called "Audio Wizard" that was designed by Asus. My other Asus ROG G751JT does not have this software installed, and I can't find the link to download it. I have checked the support site for my laptop model, but only the Realtek drivers are there.

Where can I download this software? Also, anyone using this software on their ROG G751J?

Level 12

I think the app you are looking for is AudioWizard is a Microsoft app.

AudioWizard - Microsoft Store Apps

Good Luck

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Level 7

If you install the driver from the page associated with your model it will automatically install it for you. You have to be careful installing compatible newer drivers though. Sometimes Non-Asus Realtek drivers will uninstall it. 

Level 7

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