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Asus RMA experience and my rights

Level 7

I sent my laptop to RMA so that they fixed irritating problems I have had for a year.

I am G701vik user and located in EU. So the problems were the followings

1- extreme backlight bleeding on the screen
2- keyboard F1 to F5 buttons backlight arent visible during the evening
3- distorted noise from the speaker

*See the keyboard and speaker problem at youtube: [MEDIA=youtube]CVo0p9EftVE[/MEDIA]

Anyway, they changed my screen and the keyboard, they didnt touch the speakers although I mentioned that this is the most irritating problem for me. The product has arrived and what I see?

The new screen has backlight bleeding even at the colorful screen so it is worst. The new keyboard is worst than the old one now nothing is visible from f1 to f5. In addition to that speaker problem has moved from right to left speaker.

Have a look at the video for the speaker problem and the new keyboard: [MEDIA=youtube]twORFbp6k6o[/MEDIA] Maybe the speaker problem is only because of the vibration, cables inside or something else?

*Anyway, absolutely the quality check has been failed. I sent it back today to RMA and they promised to solve the problems this time. However, I have doubts.

*If again I receive a problematic product, what is next? Is there a limit that I can send it to RMA? Is Asus entitled to give me a new product if service attemption fails? I appreciate if you enlighten about my rights.