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Asus Mothership (GZ700) RAID 0 failure

Level 7
I will make this short, since I keep moving between 3 towns, I decided to invest in a powerful gaming laptop, at the time the obvious choice was the Asus Mothership GZ700, especially the concept of the innovative cooling (which doesn’t really work as advertised) and all the powerful specs.

Now for the second time in 3 months I lose all my data due to SSD not being recognized as the booting device, probably due to RAID 0 failure (which doesn’t really matter, all on steam cloud) but the fact that it takes 10 days to get it fixed, and I spent almost 7000$ makes me wonder did I get a faulty device, or it is just the risk of RAID 0.
* Also would like to know if anyone else had the same issue.*

Level 10
SSD's failing is not too common. Second time in 3 months I would say is really out of the ordinary. Although that setup is really unique. I wonder how the drives are situated in that device. Are they close to the heat pipes of the CPU or GPU? Do they get hit with hot air from the setup? Do they get much airflow?

SSD's are exactly that, solid state. No moving parts. To get 2 failures in such a short amount of time, is either really unlucky, one of the controllers may be failing, or its something causing the failure like heat. Its really kind of hard to pinpoint the cause unless they tell you the reason for the first failure? This time I wonder if another of the initial drives failed and not the same as the first? specs I bring up show RAID 0 via 3x drives. If you have three drives in RAID 0, it just takes one to knock them all out. RAID 0 there is no redundancy.

RAID 0 is honestly pointless with NVMe unless you are doing video editing and encoding all day long. It's simply not needed IMO. Whether a game loads in 10 seconds, or 15 seconds, it is really that big of a deal? I would just try and setup the machine without RAID. Even if it doesn't come like that, I would look at disabling RAID.

You put a laptop with NVMe next to a laptop with NVMe RAID and tell the difference, I think you'd would be hard pressed. I have had ROG laptops with both and I couldn't tell the difference. The laptop I currently have literally boots in seconds without RAID.

Back in the day RAID was great with 133MB/sec spinner drives, but these days in the world of NVMe 3000MB+/sec drives, it takes a laptops processor longer time to crunch along then it is waiting for data.
(ROG has simply become too expensive compared to the competition with same specs... 😞 )
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Level 7
That sucks to have spent so much money on that thing, for it to just crap itself like that.

Having said that, you should either send it back to ASUS for repairs, or replace the SSD with a new one. SSD's are usually the easiest thing to upgrade in these machines.

Level 9
Hello markws2,
Please PM me your SN or RMA number.
I will consult more form our technical support.
Thank you very much.