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ASUS GPU TWEAK 860m Conflicting with Peripherals???

Level 7
I have a bit of a niche problem here and was wondering if anyone could figure it out.

I bought a Tobii EyeX (eye tracking hardware) and it was disconnecting and reconnecting about every 30 seconds. Tobii support suggested it was a software conflict and lo and behold it was Asus GPU Tweak for the Nvidia 860m.

For Reference

So you would think ok, just disable GPU Tweak and you're fine. Well I tried that and it really messed with my ability to run the GPU fans on full speed without accessing GPU Tweak. I tried MSI Afterburner (No access to fans) I tried NotebookFanControl (can run GPU fans on full but it won't run CPU fans at max speed to stay cool). So I am compromising left right and centre and the ideal result would be working EyeX & GPU Tweak together.

Does anyone have any idea what processes in GPU Tweak might be causing a clash with the hardware. Tobii development team couldn't come up with anything.

Tobii EyeX = USB 3.0 + 4.5W Power
Laptop = G750JM, i7-4710HQ @ 3.2Ghz [was 3.5Ghz but I used Intel XTU for temp reasons.], Nvidia GTX 860m, 16GB DDR3L