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Asus G7sw Wireless problem

Level 7
I recently had problem with my Asus laptop wireless for while with the wireless keep going in and out sometimes a lot sometimes not so much and cant seem figure out what could be I did try look for update for it but couldn't figure out which one was think could be bios but not sure hope some one can help me out with this.

Level 9
sorry, can you tell more clean your problem? i really don't know what is your problem, do you have try install driver or BIOS or something you can do?

Level 10
If it is original wifi card from Atheros its **** and probbaly cause for your problems. They are known to have high latency and cutting connection so my advice would be buy intel one and get rid of atheros.

Level 7
How much is it to buy the intel wireless and would I have to send it to Asus for them to install it I bought the computer in 2011 so I am not sure have warranty for it

Level 7
I talk to customer support they said was an update for it am not sure if fix it or not even I did scan on asus live update before didn't find anything. now hope get the Roxio cimeplayer to update which wont