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ASUS G75W Crashing when Playing games

Level 7
Hi everyone, hoping someone experienced can help me out here. My ASUS G75W is crashing when playing games.

It was put in storage in 2017. It originally came with Windows 7 and is now Windows 10. The ASUS drivers are only for 7/8 support.
After booting it up, and downloading a ton of updates it was finally up and running.

Steps taken so far:
Scanned memory with memtest. One came back bad on one of the tests, and I found/removed it. Down to 12gb ram now, but I ran 3 consecutive tests (each takes 3hrs) and all came back clean so I'm very sure its not ram.
Scanned hard drive. I know its not the issue but wanted to do it anyways, used windows built in chkdsk.
Updated my nVIDIA graphics driver. I don't know how to verify the update went smoothly though.

Downloaded temp monitoring HWMonitor.
CPU Temp: Idle temp 45C, highest is 61C lowest is 41C. I don't know the cutoff rate where it will shut it down due to overheating or if that value is configurable.
GPU Temp: Idle 44C, highest is 55C.
It also picks up temperature for something called "ST9750420AS" which it says Assembly: 38C.

I looked for other driver updates for something like Audio but couldn't figure out what to get from VIA.

Suggestions on what to check? Games will sometimes crash on startup, and sometimes will run through a bunch and then crash.

Let me know if any other data would be useful, like voltages or utilization.

Level 11
Geforce Experience is the Nvidia software you want to check for updates for you. I'd also install Intel Driver & Support Assistant and run it.

If those find nothing, I'd go to your Asus support page and check and make sure you have all of the latest drivers and BIOS.

If that doesn't work you might consider running the Windows refresh tool. It will reinstall Windows. That sometimes does the trick. You can try it with all of your apps and files untouched, or you can do it removing some apps that you can reinstall later.

If those things dont help you might try a virus scan. After that, hmmm.... Maybe hardware? But I have no idea... Maybe see if there is something running in the background using your Task Manager.

You might also adjust your in game settings...

Thanks for your suggestions.

I installed the Intel Driver & Support Assistant but it didn't find any supported Intel drivers.

The ASUS supported drivers are only for windows 7 and 8. I could grab 8 drivers and see if they're fine with Windows 10 I suppose.
Here's a link to the ASUS driver page for my machine:

I did install the GeForce experience but I did not login; will do so.

Reinstalling back to windows 7, the original software, is something I wouldn't relish doing. Windows 7 end of life was January of this year, so its no longer supported and will not get security updates. I would probably have to then update to windows 8 at the least and try that.

Is there any GPU testing software that will just run a bunch of stuff to tell you if my card is the issue?