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Asus g75VX with 6 days...always a fan noise... is normal?

Level 7
i bought asus g75vx 6 days ago.
And im hearing always a noise, i think that maybe its the fun, but its strange because even the laptop is without nothing running the noise keep going icual...always!
Anyone there have a g75vx?
Can you tell me if this is normal?

Level 9
How powerful is does the fan sound? By this I mean does it sound like it is under stress or working at high capacity?

Pretty much every laptop i have ever owned had the fan going to some extent at all times, and most always somewhat audible. But if it sounds like it is going full blast or excessivly so when the system is Idle you may have a problem.

Level 9
if you think sound is big, you can back to service center to check, replace, because you just bought 6 days.

Level 9
My suggestion would be to update bios. bios 204 runs way louder than bios 206.

also there is another build quality issue I noticed but haven't yet pinpointed the cause. Its a phantom vibration which has a metallic ting to it which almost sounds like a dying fan bearing. if you slightly flex the asus chassis (keyboard area) see if the noise goes away. If so what I did was just take the back cover off exposing the ram, tinkered with the fan filter covers, and made sure they were flush then re inserted the back cover, slightly overtightening the screws a quarter turn. my problem went away.
I use to say ASUS like AZEUS because I thought their products were the Gods of electronics...