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Asus G75VX - Running Battlefield3 ->> NOISE AND 100% USING CPU

Level 7
3 weeks ago I bought the asus g75vx.
Since the 1st day I think it makes some noise , I think it is the fan, but I think is normal because it is a high-performance laptop.
Today for the first time I played a game that pulls a little more for PC: battlefield 3 online and while playing with headphones and heard a noise in the ears along the left side of the laptop.
I minimized the game and open the task manager and was being used 100% of the CPU, I found this a little strange and then opened the CPUID Hardware Monitor to check the temperatures.
I honestly do not know much about temperatures but they seemed a bit high for over 70 ..
I'm a bit worried because about this situation, because I never had any high-performance plaptop.
Appreciate very much if someone could tell me if this is normal ..

Links with printscreens showing what happened: - Task Manager, use 99%, - CPUID HARDWARE MONITOR - Task Manager and also CPUID
http :// - CPUID HARDWARE Monitor with laptop without running nothing - 71º

Level 7
If the temperatures stays @ 70c you have nothing to worry about.

Try to use MSI afterburner or something like that.
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thanks for the answer!
sorry my ignorance but MSI afterbuerner is ussed for what?

Level 8
Afterburner is used for monitoring gpu temp, usage, overclocking if you desire.

Level 7
Or downclocking if you want to try that - Some people use it to test the tempatures etc.

It's easy to use and doesn't require a lot of knowlege about OC'ing 🙂 If you still have problems using it, you should take a look at youtube. There is plenty of guides that might help you out.
The King of the north!