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ASUS G75VX Lagsss

Level 7
Hello, yesterday i bought asus g75vx from ebay it was used, but it looks like new, it is new 8 windows, it's 16 gb ram, and nvidia 3gb, but i download lineage2 i have some lags, it's game not so powerful, 1 problem with the f3 key, works bad, i tried to clean it, but still not good, i have to push harder, how can i fix it, and about game, maybe i have to download some apps? i have directx11, and today it started i my wi-fi is working bad with this laptop i can't open opera or gmail, very laggg, but counter strike 1.6 playing good on internet, but the opera, internet explorer working bad, help me plz, sorry for my english

Azizkhon wrote:
bro help me) the laptop looks really new, today i cleaned with kaspersky, but i still have lags on internet, opera its opening really slowly, how can i clean malwara? and how can u update everything? to windows 8.1? and what is that tweaking, maybe i can fix it by myself?

Here's a LINK that will give you a step by step on how to upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free.
Make sure you update LAN, and WI-FI
drivers. (That should help with internet connection)
You have good antivirus, so you should be free of any malware.
But if you still think you have malware installed on your laptop, you can run the free version of Malwarebytes
Will deep scan for malware
G750JZ-DS71 Windows 10 Pro (x64)
Intel® Core™ i7 4700HQ (2.40GHz)
24GB Memory DDR3 1600 MHz SDRAM
M.2 SSD 2x128GB in Raid 0 / WD-HGST-1TB HDD 7500-RPM
Second Monitor: Shar
p Aquos 32"

Level 7
@ Azizkhon

Please send snapshots of your settings


Could you provide a link to the listing u won. I recently won a v75vx after being outbid a week earlier. I probably budded on same one. Haha. How much did u pay?
Asus G73JH & Asus G75VX

Level 7

Level 7
guuys i need a help malware doesn't let me download any programs, it just didn't let finish download, and i have very bad laggsss, what can i do i tryed download malware cleaner, dr web cureit , i can't download it completely it doesn't let me

Level 7
i cleaned malware, i found 32 malware, and after it my internet is working very bad, idk maybe i have to update drivers, it's very bad lagsss help me what i have to do

Level 7
i think its better if someone looks at your laptop.

If your asking how to update to windows 8.1 then we have a problem here.

did you try firefox? windows 8.1 should update automatically unless you switched auto update off.

go to control panel and remove any software you dont use. if its not too much trouble can you send a snapshot of your desktop.


i found out why its laging, adapter, microsoft teredo tunneling adapter is error code 10 i tried many things it didn't help, i did nesh sat stat this stuff didn't help, how to fix it? thats why i have bad internet