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asus g75vw

Level 7
hi all im new to this forum and im planing to purchase a g75vw how many different version models are there not sure which one to get is there a list i can check thanks
G75VW-DS73 | BIOS 223 | 3820QM | 32GB RAM | VERTEX 4 256GB SSD / SEAGATE SSHD 1TB | Intel 6235 WiFi

Level 7
Hi there and welcome to the forums.

It really depends on your budget , patients and gaming wants.

The best G75vw imo is one with at least 16 Gb ddr 1600 or more, 1 SSD hard drive plus standard drive, 3D display (120Hz at 1080) and a gtx670m gfx, but your going to pay .
There are about 4 basic versions with a multitude of drive and memory configurations.

The main difference I think being ;
660 or 670 dedicated graphics. 660 having 2G memory 670 3G , plus difference in architecture (performance/heat)
Type of display , quality and style. ie 1080p at 120Hz (3d capable) or standard 1080p 60Hz.
Type of hard drives 5400 rpm 1 Tb , 7200rpm 750 Gb and SSD's 256Gb or similar.
Amount and type of memory, 8Gb , 12Gb 16Gb memory at 1600 , others by request
Brand of wifi installed, Intel or Atheros
All cpu's were the same , at least here in Australia at the time I got mine

I started with a general budget and worked out what I could get with what was a available in my area for the best deal.
Ended up with a G75vw with 16G ddr 1600 , gtx670M with 3 Gb , 2* 1Tb hard drives (I wanted the internal space) 3D capable 1080p 120 Hz display . Payed extra for a 3 year unconditional replacement (not fix , replaced if not fixed same day in store)

I haven't had any of the problems listed here in the forums and would definitely get the same again if I had too.
I looked at a few laptops , Toshiba , Samsung, Msi of similar specs and at default settings I believe Asus had the best and quietest cooling. Price wise within 5% of each other at least in my area.

The 670M beats the 660M in about 95% of all tests everytime, you can overlcock both of them.
The 660M does pull less power and runs cooler and possibly better support due to its newer architecture ( I mean driver updates may give better performance increase % wise in the future).

This probably hasnt made things any clearer, all I can say is from my limited experience you cant go wrong with a G75vw baught from a reputable retailer