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Asus G75VW malfunctioning!

Level 7
5 months ago I bought an Asus G75vw , the specs are i7 , gtx 660m , 4gb ram. The problem is I think the gpu is malfunctioning. I get horribly low FPS in all games . even WoW with low settings on I get 8-15 fps. I can't even open games like Metro Last Light even on low settings it just is impossible to play the FPS lag is too much. I tried formatting , using different driver versions and all that , I feel like I have tried everything and I'm real frustrated Anybody know what's going on?

Level 7
Also I forgot to add something I noticed , Minecraft gets RIDICOUSLY high FPS? It gets around 200 FPS and sometimes it drops to 40 for some reason? I Really don't know what's going on but my speculation is minecraft is the only game running the dedicated graphic card while the rest are running the intergrated ? Please help.

Observations, This is the first G75VW I have noticed that only had 4gb of Ram? G75VW only has 1 video card there are no integrated graphics? Maybe you could post some pictures of what Hwinfo64 reports on your system?
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Oh , the integrated graphics thing was just an assumption I wasn't quite sure. I'll post the pics in a second. Also , the only model they had was the 4gb ram when I bought it.

Level 7
I didn't know there was a G75 model with that small amount of ram. I've only seen them with 8gb the smallest amount. Might want to start there. Also make sure you've done all your updates. Nvidia updates their GPU drivers almost BI-WEEKLY. Try that out then get back to us.

Level 10
Already checked if you're running Power4GearPerformence? Or advanced settings maybe you're settings are changed.
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Level 7
I tried power4gearperformance no hope. I just uninstalled it , I tried high performance aswell no hope. I'm starting to give up here 😞

Level 7
Make sure your note is connected to power supply. Battery can't hold the GPU power (i think), so will be huge FPS drops.

its connected.

Something weird though , tried opening far cry 3 and when I put the settings into optimal everything was set to 'low' (and the game was still laggy kinda) , why does the game assume the laptop is ****? is the gtx 660m not good enough or do I need ram?