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Asus G75VW-BBK5 With Upgraded GTX 780M GPU Success!

Level 9
So after many many hours and help from Dreamonic, this Mod is a success story. I officially have a G75VW with an upgraded GPU.

  • Many Hours of time
  • 780M GPU from a G750JH
  • Heatsink from 780M GPU
  • Modify heatsinks and chassis for fitting
  • soldering skills
  • Modified system bios with 780M VBIOS inserted
  • Bridged 780M BIOS chip for bypass so it will allow the read of the OROM.
  • Custom NVIDIA drivers.

Ill have more pics and stats to come after I get everything cleaned up and put back together.


Hello everyone,
So I have been working on a project with my g75vw. I purchased a gtx 980m 8gb from asus g750jya and installed the card. I have already modified my bios with the one of the gtx 670m and the 980m. It was flashed using a external programmer. The bios is working with the gtx 670m, but when I replaced the card with the gtx 980m 8gb (heatsink and all as well) I cant turn on the laptop. When I plug the ac in the laptop, the charger light goes off. (This was first noticed with the 180watts one. So then I taught it was not getting enough power, and I bought a 230watts one. Problem still persist. My motherboard is not bad since when I place back the gtx 670m everything works. Now I am not sure what the problem is. Dreamonic, anyone please help me resolve my issue since I can’t seem to find an answer to it. Thank you

Hi. I also want to upgrade my G75VX with a 780m GPU.
Can anyone provide the bios for the 670MX and 780M?

Dreamonic wrote:
After I removed the MXM signature in the OROM VBIOS followed with the 780M bridged BIOS chip, things started working properly but POST was then painfully slow (like a full minute). The display drivers finally installed (no code 43) and the card was finally working. Enough so at least for 0neWinged to get this screenshot. Then the joys of modding happened, more troubleshooting!

I have the mod completed I am just stuck installing the driver manually. How did you modify the bios to get it to pnp the driver automatically.

Hey OneWinged,

I am doing a similar project except with an 880. Have you had any more success with this? Do you have any current links for the SW tools you have been using? After Dreamonic moved on and Voltground expired, there seems to be a void for vBIOS changes and modding in general.