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ASUS G75VW Battery Problem

Level 7
Hi, so I finally was able to fix my fried laptop and discovered that the motherboard was the main problem. As soon as I replaced the motherboard my laptop was working perfectly fine again! However, I noticed that when I first plugged in my laptop it was charging fine, until I got a blinking orange light, which indicated the battery was low. The battery juice was perfectly fine, but it kept saying "Plugged In/Not Charging". As a result, I tried plugging in the AC adapter in and out, but it would 90% of the time not even detect the Adapter and instead say "On Battery". As of now, I have tried plugging in the Adapter in and out, but it just stays, "On Battery".
Initially, I thought it may have been one of the PSU units not being able to detect the Adapter or, maybe I just had a bad adapter.
(When replacing the motherboard, I transferred the "little unit that takes in the adapter", don't know the name, but moved that to the new motherboard). I don't think that swapping parts has rendered the motherboard to detect that this is not the same PSU unit and as a result, it will not feed the laptop electricity..

As a second step, I completely removed the battery and left the AC adapter inside. To my surprise, the laptop turns on perfectly fine. I concluded that the AC adapter was fine, since the laptop was still able to run without the battery.

As a third step, I removed the "Battery control method" driver thing in devices, but that was completely useless.

As a fourth step, I put back the battery into the computer while it was on, but when I do, it just flickers between "Plugged in, charging" to "On battery" literally within 1 second of each other, back and forth. From this, I was thinking it might be a bad battery?

The lowest the battery has ever gone was 50%, I have never drained it completely so could this be why? Otherwise, these symptoms don't make sense as they constantly change.
1. Leave AC adapter in, turn computer on, put battery in, flickers between Plugged in/charging to On battery rapidly. (Orange light is blinking)
2. Leave AC adapter out, turn computer on with battery in, plug AC adapter in, stays "ON Battery" as if AC adapter wasn't detected (Orange light is completely off)
3. Leave battery out, plug AC adapter in, computer turns on fine. (Orange light is completely off)

I'm thinking it may have to do with either of these three parts;
1. Battery
2. AC Adapter
3. The little PSU unit that takes in the AC adapter (Swapped between motherboards).
4. Relevant to 3 because the new motherboard I bought is refurbished and is not the same exact model. However, it works perfectly fine and accepts my CPU/GPU/RAM without any problems. What if the motherboard isn't the same model and has difficulty detecting the battery or is not completely accepting the little PSU unit?

Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated~!

Level 7
Ok so I drained the battery to 9% and then plugged in the AC adapter and now it's back to Plugged in/Charging normal mode again.

So far it's fine now, but now I'm pondering as to what could have been the problem...or why it wasn't charging when it was at 50-60%

Level 7
Err now it's just staying at 10% and going on and off between Plugged In/Charging and Pluggin In/Not Charging

Level 7
Someone help!!!! I replaced the battery with a brand new battery directly from the manufacturer and the problem is still the same exact!

It keeps fluctuating between Battery mode and AC Adapter mode, just like when it said "Plugged IN/Charging and Plugged IN/Not Charging"

If I take the AC Adapter out and put it back in, there's no charging at all!

Level 9
if you change battery, but not help, i think you will check MB.

Level 9
its most likely a loose connection either the plug in the laptop, or somewhere in the AC adapter.