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ASUS G75V Windows 8 cannot detect my G Wifi network from ASUS RT-N66U

Level 7

It seems that I cannot find my Wifi G network from my ASUS RT-N66U router( I bought this router to maximize my 150mbs but it seems i cannot use it to its maximum capability as I can only find the N network with is 50% slower than my G network. Hope you can shed some light. I am running on Windows 8 THanks:cool:

Level 7
What's you wifi card model? (You can see it in device manager.)
Probably an Atheros AR9485WB-EG... Unfortunately this wifi card does not support 5Ghz, so it's not possible to totally enjoy your router. But I guess you know it, if you'd like to maximize your 150mbs.

What do you mean by your G network? (Gigabit?)
Did you do some "speed" tests?
Wifi N is newer and faster than wifi G.
Whith an Atheros wifi card, it's not possible to get better than wifi N 2.4Ghz.

Level 7
Yup unfortunately thats my wifi card model, yup th G network that i meant was the 5GHz. Is this wifi card upgradable even from ASUS? Thanks so much for the response Clerbios 🙂

Level 13
you could upgrade the wifi card by yourself. i did this on my g55 (previously intel 6235; now intel 7260).

warning: this might void your warranty, because the location of that card is in non-user serviceable area.