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Asus G752VY not being able to use Oculus Rift?

Level 7
Hey everyone, i'm new here and have some questions.

Before i bought this laptop i have been ready on specs and stuff.
NVIDIA said you need at least a GTX970 for desktops but GTX980M on laptops...

So wtf am i reading now on the Oculus Rift website? 980M is **** and won't work? Like dude wtf...

Do any of you here have more relevant information on this about me please? Would be much apreaciated 🙂

Level 7
Oculus Rift requires constant 90FPS for it to work.You can't use it with the 980m simply because the resolution is 1080×1200 per eye which makes it like having dual monitor setup so there are pretty much no games that both work with the oculus rift and the 970m/980m can run at steady 90FPS at 2x almost 1080p resolution.If you actually want to use VR you need at least 2x980TI's to comfortably use it.

Overall VR is similar to 4k gaming in the fact that it is so cutting edge that the current technology barely keeps up with it.At 2x1080x1200 you are 2,592,000 pixels which would be fine if you didn't have a MINIMUM FPS number of 90.Maybe the 980m would be able to run some of the lightes games at that resolution but do you really want an Oculus Rift if you're going to be limited to garbage?

Level 7
Nvidia lists that only GTX 980 will have Oculus rift support on laptops.

Boxis wrote:
Nvidia lists that only GTX 980 will have Oculus rift support on laptops.

Well i don't have a screenshot of course, but initially it said GTX980M on their website, otherwise i wouldn't even have bought this laptop....

Which laptop does have a GTX980 then?

Level 7

Level 8
G751JT (970m) can run VR pretty good (on the DK2). On the CV1, I don't know that well, probably not.

Level 10
GTX980M has been deemed VERY slightly under the recommended spec.

Has anyone tried it just to see how it works? Also, will the 980M work for the HTC Vive or is it the same situation?