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ASUS G752VY BIOS UNLOCKED with tons of settings revealed

Level 7
FOR G752VY, I've manage to unlock many options in Bios thanks to the guide and help from @Dreamonic

Bios Based on 213 and only involve tools AMIBCP_v5.0.1, and AFUWIN64.

I found many interesting options and feature that actually available. And another super good news are,
now you can turn off usb charger plus in battery mode i guess. But first, uninstall USB charger plus. Then disable in Bios. Done.


Modded BIOS :
Stock BIOS :
Flash TOOL :

If encounter error during flash, do not restart. Flash the stock rom instead.

Full Desktop advanced OC mode also included in the bios but i can't seems to make it work. it seems to be very complicated as well.

Level 7
this looks like a you know similar bios for VT ? thanks for sharing.

Level 8
Nice one, thanks...

Level 9
This is awesome.

What is the method you used to enable these features? I'd like to give it a hack for other models.

If you accouter issues such as high cpu usage for " system " process after tuning and overclocking from bios,

It was due to the windows that REJECT or BLOCKING the overclocking capability, i'm not sure how to bypass it. For example, in bios you set multiplier for CPU to work,
But in Windows, it will limit to skylake default. EVEN you have old microcode, Intel are Microsoft partner. They want you pay more for K series processor. Try to use use Ubuntu, or linux.
For windows, just reset the bios to default. then shutdown and remove power plug, then reinsert and power up. now windows system will back to normal process.

RAM Overclocking do work, 2400 to 2666 But DO NOT set too high, it will result in black screen. and you need to remove cmos battery to reset bios. Full disassembly required to reset.

Now we need Pros to change the history of the gaming notebook industry.

Level 7
Its was simple actually.

First, Open AFUWIN64 as administrator, then click save. This will dump your bios file to the desktop if you save on desktop.

2. Next Open AMIBCP_v5.0.1

3. Open the bios file that you just dumped using AFUWIN64. Now you will see something like this :

open up sub menu you will see :

Change the access/Use to USER or SUPERVISOR, Try if Changing to USER not work then use Supervisor.
4 . Then Click file, save as new file. so that if new modified file encounter error during flash, you can always flash back the default dumped version.

There are tons of treasure to play around. You can unlock alot, alot of options.
Do update here if anyone make the overclocking from bios work.
I found that FULL desktop overclocking feature are in there, exactly the same setting in ASUS ROG Motherboard. But maybe advance hex editing skill required to make them work.
if you are much more advance, you can now utilize the debug port in the motherboard and enable communication with the motherboard to do whatever engineer does.

Level 7
ANOTHER AMAZING NEWS, Want to dump crappy sonic studio and enable TRUE HIFI AUDIO? DTS and DOLBY? G752 was actually supported...

Chip-set tab require hex editing to enable. By modify the configuration, you can enjoy tons of premium feature that actually will cost you more $1599

How audio codec chipset? solution might be here:

Now i need to study, taking extra courses to further explore these. It actually there, do you remember the G-sync which a big LIE by nvidia? Yup, same cases here. they want to make more money.

Level 7
How many RAID mode actually supported? See here:

Panel color dept 24BIT?


Level 7
Be aware of The risk of modifying the settings.

Do not proceed if Unfamiliar with those settings. I mean, the effect of it.

Level 7
Bumping as I am definitely curious if enabling the HD AUDIO will fix the audio issues with sonic studio like "hot right hand side near audio ports when using laptop speakers" , "crappy sound if SS2 launcher is not set to run properly"